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Indy Hunter Reviews: Brian John Mitchell's Matchbook Mini-Comics!

Written by J.M. Hunter on Friday, November 08 2013 and posted in ZineSmiths

Indy Hunter Reviews: Brian John Mitchell's Matchbook Mini-Comics!

Brian John Mitchell has been on our show a few times now talking about his custom Mini-comics the size of Match-books! Now, with our review, we will actually put them to the test and after burn their success, on the Indy-5-Ohh!

 Will these mini-marvels that fit in a bottle stand up to a quality reading experience or will they just prove themselves to be no less than novelty items you busy yourself with like salt and pepper shakers at a restraunt waiting for the check? Let’s find out, I hope you’re hungry!
Out of the many books Brian sent I picked a handful about 5, (hence the Indy 5-Ohh!), to talk to you about. I enjoyed all of them but these stood out to me.
“Just A Man” no.5 
Words: Brian John Mitchell
Art: Andrew White
The Rub
Just A Man is a small western of THICK proportions. In the spirit of yet another Man with No name, Just A Man follows a stranger trying to make things less strange and more orderly in his life. A man who wants to settle his past by bringing back one of the things he’s lost. 
I love how Brian and artist Andrew White don’t skimp on the pages. For such a small format they’ve utilized the stapler extensively, pounding a pace, refusing to submit to anything less than a full appetite of a story in what seems to be a longer tragic tale.  Andrew’s usage of black and white aka spotting blacks works seamlessly with writer Brian John Mitchell’s minimal yet impactful dialogue. If this is truly just chapter five in a much longer story, I urge you to seek out Brian or Andrew and demand the whole story! Don’t get it twisted….this one volume still stands enough on its own and still serves as a more than complete story. You get all the info you need to know, but if you enjoyed it, why not go back for seconds?!
Story: Brian John Mitchell
Art: Kimberlee Traub
The Shake:
Mermaid serves as a forbidding reminder that the world is truly not our own. Brian John Mitchell’s ominous tale of the seven seas and what lies beneath is carried out by artist Kimberlee Traub’s bold brush work. (At least I think it’s a brush she’s using). Lovecraft and Pirates of the Caribbean fans will….wait did I just put both of those in the same sentence?
The book is good. I liked it but I'm fading and need a hot pocket.
R.E.H (Robert E. Howard)
Story: Brian John Mitchell
Art: Andrew White
The Sauce:
Before bringing you the Hyperborean Age and basically making Ahnold’s career, (sorry Hercules in N.Y. I still love you), Robert E. Howard led an interesting if not tragic life. I would have to say this was probably Brian John Mitchell’s best written Mini-Matchbook. I could be bias as a big R.E.H fan but honestly the tone that BJM and artist Andrew White are able to pull off really works well. I’m interested in what the original sizes of these images were as the rendering matches the moodiness of REH’s forlorn narrative. What about the actual comic you ask? What happens? Well I don’t want to ruin the ending, but let’s say that REH finds himself face to face with what hardcore fans or historians will recognize as finality in irony. 
Pow Wow #2.
Story: Brian John Mitchell
Art: ED
The Meat:
This one. Tales from the Crypt meets The New Mutants/Misfits if you’re British. Writer Brian John Mitchell and the artist known as “ED”, do a pretty good job at horror/suspense. This isn’t your typical monster story however. Protagonist and his Grandmother are alone in a cabin that would bring back Bruce Campbell’s nightmares as an impending doom in the form of a large house-shaking creature makes its way towards them. How will our main character prevail much less survive when his Grandmother is gravely ill? (No not as Bait, you twit)!
Come Home Safe No.1 New Orleans Louisiana
Story: Andrew Weathers
Art: Brian John Mitchell
The Flavor:
I don’t know what made me choose this comic to talk to you about? Maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for comics/stories that revolve around Louisiana, (hell I just wrote one), maybe it’s the old memories of pretty red heads from the area? I’m sure Ann Rice had something to do with it as well. Or maybe it’s all of that and a bag of flipz.
Flipping duties, Brian John Mitchell takes the art chores this time and he does a fairly competent job stretching his wings. Andrew Weathers writes in a style that seems fitting for musicians hanging out jamming and discovering other musicians, sharing sobering secrets and discovering each other’s past as they tune and key their current paths. I don’t know why I chose this comic…maybe it’s meter met my fancy?
Star no.3
Story: Brian John Mitchell
Art: Kurt Dinse
The Burn:
Well now that I’ve had a full stomach and I really do owe you for skimping out on the Mermaid review earlier, (It really is a good book!), I figure I owe you one more. Star no.3 or is it No.2? “The Stone” is Brian John Mitchell who’s surprisingly adept at Horror with a twist, bringing it back to that genre. With art in luxurious blacks by Kurt Dinse, our titular character a musician finds himself at the mercy of his own carnal cravings. Who manipulates the manipulator? Find out when our Protagonist meets the groupie of his dreams.....err nightmares. Scheming and shenanigans ensue.
So that’s Six books down out of many, many more that you’ll encounter should you come across Brian John Mitchell and his table at any variety of a show, a concert, convention, or locally. The man wears many hats and has many talents! 
Why did I pick these books to review you ask and why should you check them out?
There's an interesting aspec to the way these are made and as a creator myself the challenge of trying to draw and tell a story in such a compact form is indeniably tempting. I"ve hit up Brian John Mitchell and had to let him know. I had to let him know should he find himself in need of an artist, a certain Indy Hunter, I'm up for the challenge!
For more on Brian John Mitchell’s work, (the man is always working on something), check him out here:http://www.silbermedia.com/
And for more of a meta-rant partly inspired by reading all of these books and other things feel free to check out my other warped reality version here .
Don’t say I didn’t warn you though…
-Indy Hunter/J.M. Hunter


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