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Indy Rant! Why Not Just Regular Comics?!

Written by J.M. Hunter on Friday, November 08 2013 and posted in ZineSmiths

Indy Rant! Why Not Just Regular Comics?!

Everynow and then the Indy Hunter's conciousness goes to war with his common sense. Find out why Indy's pazzing out about format and intentions with Mini-comics and trying new things.

I recently reviewed Brian John Mitchell's Match Book Mini-comics which you can read here. I often "marvel" at the creativity that underground/independent creators bring to their craft and our medium. I find myself always seeking these types of books at comic conventions more so than the big two or mainstream titles of which I still read mind you. But....there's something special about stuff made with a long reach and rusty paper cutter. So it tends to bother me when peoples hard work is dismissed or scoffed at. Mainstream movie audiences are embracing comics in the form of blockbusters, which is cool and all but they're still missing out on some real gems. I call myself the Indy Hunter because it's these special treasures, this "Black Gold" that I'm always seeking out. 
With that said, curb your enthusiam and execuse my rant as I just spout off all the things that flowed into my head after I ingested a handful of Brian John Mitchell's matchbook mini-comics. I turned into some type of "Emperor Mini or some THING?!!
This is me thinking out loud, aloud? Maybe not so. Either way here we go! 
Let’s get the obvious out the way…let’s deflate the botox orange crispy elephant in the room, that sketchy guy in the corner your friend brought over for an apartment house warming party? Yea, he’s got to go. You just met him 2 days ago at some other sketchy place, I don’t care, fuck it, he’s out! Get.
The fact of the anti-matter is.…Though these books are small in stature… Yes they fit in-between your pointy fingers and thumbs, like a paper football. Remember those? However, you don’t just flick one for a field goal! Oh no! This isn’t just filler for your little digits nor will you waste your time deciding to rent the world’s smallest violin. There’s some fulfillment here within your hand’s breadth.
I’d be remiss not to mention that like a crunchy pack of noodles, (just add water), these match-book minis offer something more than just a good afternoon of novelty play. These will fill you up!,Straight up! I was fortunate enough for the Indy-5-Ohh! Brian John Mitchell sent me about 20 of these small but meaty stories in an ususpecting manila envelope.
I’m used to getting pdf’s for review which at a visceral level honestly aren’t the same as holding the product and using all senses.  I used to have this habit, when I could afford to buy a stack of comics. I’d separate them first by numerical order if there was more than one in a series. Then the next priority would be to separate the ones I was looking forward to reading, something that had a juicy story or in some cases a creative team that I favored would go on the bottom of the pile, why? Save the best for last baby! Which in my case would be Preacher’s Garth Ennis, Steve Dillon and Glen Fabry of course. Tertiary for sorting of comics in to read next on the pile would be the cover, the title, something interesting, something I could digest quickly maybe help set the mood, or something I can take in the bathroom with me real quick like to tell the world…This man means to read his comics….do not disturb. This man, his, books, turds, nerds, but I digest…
Brian John Mitchell’s handful of books, (literally!), offer up a sensory experience +1. Remember Cd’s? Do you? Nikki Sixx has commented recently about how people used to buy a whole album, that, that was the art, not so much just a single track, but understanding and giving a thoughtful ear to the whole art or concept of the artists efforts. This medium that Brian John Mitchell has tip-toed into filling in the cracks of my experience brought forth a lost foundational experience of….well experiencing.
No really Stop.
(don’t worry about collaborating, y’all are a mess anyways),
Listen to this noise I’m drying to drill into your dome. A quiet place is devoid of beauty w/o someone to “LISTEN” to it and observe it’s essence of tranquility. Sound is an abstract term and a necessity of giving you a point of zero to compare the rest of the ever escalating scale of opportunity or distraction.
These comics are like the expansion of the tracks or songs on the album. Imagine the lyrics or liner notes come to life? Imagine them yet so small you can fit a bundle in your hand, but filled with one lines and multiple pages from a variety of artists who’ve joined Brian John Mitchell a musician himself if you haven’t figured into layering tracks to one-time ballads of a narrative. Hate to say it but a lot of event-mainstream titles at 4 bucks a pop can’t honestly give you that experience can they? Cut the bullshit, they can’t. They’ve gone to film, movies, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but why would you dial in to just the  movie and devoid your souls of score too? Why not seek the whole package the whole experience that our sequential art form and comics has to offer?
There’s something missing….somewhere along the lines comics skipped a beat. I encourage you to lift the needle and try once again to listen to something you may have missed the first time around. Learn to listen inbetween the tracks. I have a feeling your foundation will thank you. 
-J.M. Hunter/Emperor Mini


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