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Review of Keith Brown's Wages of Sin collections!

Written by J.M. Hunter on Sunday, January 19 2014 and posted in ZineSmiths

Review of Keith Brown's Wages of Sin collections!

Indy Hunter's Indy 5-Ohh! is back with a review of former editorial and now Independent cartoonist Keith Brown and his collection of webcomic strips, "Wages of Sin"!


“Wages of Sin by Keith Brown is a wicked romp through the bowels of a Hades influenced habitat. The day to day activities of it’s” Unusual Inhabitants” make for a charming, funny, great way to break up the work week. Consider it a guilty pleasure and effective cure of the Monday’s and it’s spawn.”


We’ve reviewed Keith Brown’s work before, specifically with his all-ages effort, “It's an Extra Spooky Heebie-Jeebie Creepy Halloween”.

But now?

Now we really get to the meat of this treat! Wages of Sin is former editorial cartoonist Keith Brown letting his inner devil-childe out! Competent, effective cartooning and character design binds itself around the forms of some witty shenanigans within that “Naughty Place”, that bad folks go down to below.

Wages of Sin shows Keith Brown employing a three strip per page layout. Each tier works as an individual strip in itself but combined on the same page in this collection they make for a solid square-bound format



That’s an interesting word isn’t it? Wages of Sin dances within bounds of play satire and social-political themes, because let’s face it. With the congress we’ve had these past few years some of them are “bound” to be heading to this place! (Da-dum-TSSHH!)

Mr. Brown bobs in and out of the tapestry he weaves topically adapting to his whim. I’m certainly impressed when Keith told me he doesn’t really plan out too far head but instead sits down and works the strip with whatever comes to him. Of course there is a natural progression or continuance of story with the strips that continue from the previous ones. Keith keeps old jokes relevant by introducing and building off of them as themes in later strips-a nice cartoon with consistency. 

I got the chance to check out both volumes of Wages of Sin and to let the man, Keith Brown himself describe his good intentions with this Cartooning effort would state the mission meant for you adequately. Here’s a bit of a personal note from vol.1

“I would like to take this opportunity to address people of faith. While I am aware that many people strongly oppose the idea of making light of hell, I have spoken with many other believers who openly welcome the concept. They enjoy the humor and are happy to have the concept of hell out in the open, even if it only to set-up a punch line.”

So if you’re looking for a good chuckle and strong cartooning with original design takes on familiar arch-types and some original throw back to Sunday funny humor but with a slight edge, I encourage you to take a look at Keith Brown’s Wages of Sin.

You can find more of Keith Brown and his Wages of Sin strip at the following links:

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