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The Outhouse Presents: NuMarvel: Team Up!!

Written by Christian on Monday, September 05 2011 and posted in Features

The Outhouse presents the fourth set of NuMarvel titles, this time focusing on Team Ups!

What if Marvel, seeing DC's (as of yet unseen) success with their Relaunch, decided to revamp their own books?  What titles and characters would readers see?  Which characters would be forgotten?

Sakie, one of our fine Outhouse forum members, asked these questions and proposed that other Outhousers join in to come up with a list of 52 proposed titles to base this fantasy relaunch on.  Outhousers were asked to suggest a title, a creative team, a cast of characters and a brief plot summary.  The front page is proud to present The NuMarvel 52!  After taking a look at the daily list, feel free to vote in the forum poll to pick which titles you'd be interested in buying! To check out past offerings, check out the NuMarvel Avengers, Fringe and Marvel Knights titles!

The NuMarvel 52: Team-Up Titles

These are the titles that feature teams that don't end in Avenger and don't contain an "X"...well, except for Agency X but if you want to make a deal out of it, you'll need to take it up with them.

Agency X by Gail Simone and UDON (Suggested by HNutz)

Cast: Taskmaster, Outlaw, Alex Hayden, Scourge (original), Sandi, Nick Fury (flashback, occasional guest star)

Summary: When Agent Masters, a promising (if not rebellious) recruit of SHIELD, had a falling out with his superiors, he never thought he'd be abandoned in the field, in the middle of hostile territory. 5 years later, he's a mercenary, usually based out of Miami. He's created a "family" of sorts with folks he's met along the way, including a crazy, amnesiac version of Deadpool and his cowgirl girlfriend, their administrative assistant Sandi and the original Scourge, who faked his death after killing over 20 "supervillains" and is the deadliest octogenarian alive. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... The Agency.

Of course, they try to stay on the down low to avoid the cops, FBI, etc. And, of course, there's the matter of the bad guys they take down/piss off. But little do they know... that everything is going according to Fury's plans.

Cloak & Dagger by Brian Azzarello and Phil Hester (Suggested by Thunderstorm)

Summary: Cloak and Dagger have been on the run for a long time. Because of their powers and the nature of how they got them, they are forced to spend the night in churches, shelters, and alleys. But how exactly did they get their powers? You may think you know the story but join us as Cloak and Dagger are forced the face a villain who pushes their abilities to their very limits. Cloak and Dagger will have to learn the true extent of their powers if they are going to survive but the only way to do that may be to remember where they came from.

The Thunderbolts by Greg Rucka and George Perez (Suggested by Stalzer2002)

Cast: The Black Cat, Helmut Zemo, Fixer, The Beetles, Blizzard, Quicksand, Sandman, Ghost, Vulture, Rhino, Mentallo, Speed Demon, Screwball, Joystick, Armadillo, Black Mamba, Asp, Supercharger, Unuscione, Slyde, Chemistro, Gray Gargoyle, Tombstone, Scorcher, Letha, Lascivious, Poundcakes, Man-Killer, The Spot and Moonstone.

Summary: Ten million dollars. That's the price Helmut Zemo is offering more than two dozen costumed criminals for a simple cube being held at a government research facility. They can go it alone, or work with one another and split the prize. Felicia Hardy is seriously considering the offer. Can she succeed? Even if she finds out what the cube can do, will she even want to? Is that the kind of power Zemo can be trusted with? Is that the kind of power anyone can be trusted with, even her?

The point of the large cast would be to keep the audience guessing for several issues while you whittle down the cast to a manageable core.

Agents of Atlas by Jeff Parker and Amy Reeder (Suggested by SilverPhoenix)

Cast: Jimmy Woo, 3D Man (Delroy Garrett), Namora, Venus, Gorilla Man, M-11, The Uranian, Monica Ranbeau

Summary: The Fight to turn Yellow Claw's Shadow Empire into a force for good has been a long and arduous battle, one that Jimmy's Inner Circle has been slowly winning. However, their efforts to change centuries of traditions has finally caught the eye of a group of Aristocrats who would love nothing more than to reverse all of their work that has been done so far and if that wasn't enough, Atlas also has to deal with governments that aren't accepting of a shadow nation that's determined to rock the boat. Add those two ongoing circumstances with general Superheroing on numerous scales and you have a life that offers little monotony and very little rest.

The Crew by Millar and the Kubert brothers (Suggested by HNutz)

Cast: Daredevil, Luke Cage, Night Thrasher, Hercules (still mortal), Jessica Jones, Cardiac, Spider-Man (occasional guest star)

Summary: So this is more like the local neighborhood watch. Everyone on the "team" is a loner, but at least they know they can go to each other if they need a hand. I would have included Spider-Man, but between being an Avenger and 3 books (one of them bi-monthly), figured he might need some down time.

They're the team that's not about avengering or going off into space to fight Kang, but protecting their neighborhoods. About not letting Wilson Fisk illegally kick people out of their homes to build a new mall or something. About stopping criminals from using Osborn's super-powered weapons. About keeping gang warfare (superpowered and otherwise) from spilling over into school zones. About getting the drug dealers, MGH producers and would-be-rapists off the streets.

Even though I'd like to see this as more of an ensemble book, seeing as how Cage isn't really in a book these days, I'd be okay if Cage takes center stage, with Herc getting lots of screen time as well. I could see Cage playing the natural leader, somewhat like Josiah X in the original "Crew". Night Thrasher, the Batman of our group, doesn't mind fighting sneaky as long as he wins. Herc, even though not as powerful as he used to be, is a REALLY experienced fighter and would get along pretty well with Cage. Jessica Jones, a local P.I., points the Crew in the right direction occasionally. Daredevil and Cardiac are both pretty well off (one's a lawyer, one's a doctor), but they're staying local to try and build up their hometown.

Of course, we wouldn't get all of these guys in every book. They're doing their own thing and it'd actually take a pretty big deal to get them all in one place at one time (at least, in the beginning, before they really know and like each other).

This is actually the creative team I was going to put on "Iron Man, Incorporated", but I'm digging the idea of these guys on a team book. They knocked it out of the park on Ultimate X-Men and I could really see the big names bringing some sales and attention to this book. Not trying to make a "Black Avengers" book but just tell a good story and have a fun book.

So which titles did you like?  Be sure to vote in our Reader Poll and check back tomorrow for more awesome titles from the NuMarvel 52!

Written or Contributed by: BlueStreak

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