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Indie Insights: On Fan Support

Ken wants you to support your small press comics! 

What's In a Name?: Five Things We (Don't Really) Know about Pandora

IGW takes a look at some surprising new facts about DC's mysterious hooded woman!

Waking in the Green with Kurtis Wiebe

Today on Face To Greg is Green Wake's Kurtis Wiebe!

Indie Insights: On 2012

Ken Eppstein looks at 2012 in his latest addition of Indie Insights!

Indie Insights: On Kickstarter

Ken Eppstein returns with tips on how to run a successful Kickstarter campaign in the lastest edition of Indie Insights!

RUviews: Is Something Going On With DC?

The long awaited (ok, yea, not really) NuDC episode of RUviews is here.  Enjoy, and also, beware of the SPOILERS!The Flash, Justice League Dark, Batman, and a special note on Annihilators:...

IGW: What I'm Thankful For

IGW returns from hiatus with a list of everything we're grateful for!

Indy Hunter 5 Ohh! Interview with Ken Eppstein of Nix Comics Quarterly!!

Nix Comics and The Outhouse's Indie Insights columnist Ken Eppstein goes a few rounds with Indy Hunter and talks about Nix Comics Quarterly latest kickstarter effort!

RUviews: Knowing Is Half The Battle

Spoilers abound in this week's stack: Avengers, Morning Glories, Spaced, Who Is Jake Ellis?, Deadpool, and G.I. Joe: Real American Hero

Indie Insights: On Back Matter

Ken Eppstein returns to talk about the importance of back matter and letters' columns in the latest edition of Indie Insight!

Conversations with yourself: Mass Effect 3 hands on at NYCC

In this edition, Eric talks about getting his hands on Mass Effect 3 at New York Comic Con and first impressions of the end of one of his favorite gaming series ever.

RUviews: I Has A Sad Stack

Hello there, Internet People - it's your good buddy, RU, here a couple days late but still ready to guide your comic book purchases.  Why? 'Cause I'm a people person.Beware, there are...

RUviews - G-d Dammit Marvel!

Hello there Internet People, it's your good buddy, RU, here to his best to guide you away from the bad and towards the good in all things comic books.  This week we explore the worst and best...

IGW: Four Disney Properties that Could Work in the Marvel Universe

IGW returns with a look at some Disney properties that would work well in the Marvel Universe!