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Indy Hunter: Enforcers #0

Written by J.M. Hunter on Saturday, May 29 2010 and posted in Columns
The mullet is back! Well not really, but the Indy Hunter explains in this weeks review of Enforcers #0!



Indy Hunter


"First the worse, 2nds Best?"


            Well isn't that how it's supposed to go? I won't do you all and myself the disservice of nominating anyone as Third the Nerd. I mean, I consider us all friends here. You are all my Lil' Dork Pimps in training of course. So with all that said, welcome once again to the Indy Hunter portion of the IC site, aka InvestComics. This is my second column of Indy Hunter for Jay, the crew, and most importanly the rest of all of you Indy Comic fans! It appears the universe has survived it's cherry po---picking of my first non-journalistic efforts, now we, ( who's we, I mean me), are gonna just jump right in!

So what if the water's cold, no one's gonna notice!

Title: The Enforcers.

By: Carl Herring Jr. , Tod Smith, Sal Montano, and Ed Traquiro.


Wow! The Nineties come back and suddenly I'm a grunge kid with long hair, and flannel rocking the Jason Newstead mullet! That's a bad thing right?

NO!! You know why? Of course I'll tell you foo's!!

screenhunter_05_may._27_22.46.gifThe Enforcers in the Chosen Ones is a win because there's not just one chosen one, there's The Chosen One's! Yea baby! Plural! Imagine several Bruce Leroy's all running around with bad assness each at a different level of self-discovery, a different stage in their life's journey. The Enforcers, all of them seemingly on their way to functioning as one unit...sorta, ok that's not quite true. You see? You couldn't pick another group of dysfunctional individuals to work on a DEA task force! Each of these cats all carry a weight, a burden, also a distinctive hair style on their shoulders.


            One would ask, why does head honcho behind the scenes mamba jamba Senator Lawrence Fulton want a group of DEA operatives that are flawed and not working up to 100 percent level of kill the bad guys? Why put together a group of misfits who have maladied through misfortune?

Well I've got a question for youse' peoples. Might this be a redemption story? A story where it's back to basics of comics? One doesn't get a  feel of bloated story arc, decompressed to your chest storytelling. This comic being a zero issue still delivers a compelling full story! It is surprisingly fulfilling as a 28 page screenhunter_04_may._27_22.44.giforigin story for the Enforcers team. This is a solid comic book and though everyone in the story is either running around with either a mullet, pony tail, lines shaved in their fades, or shoulder padded blazer coats, I can't stress Carl Herring Jr.'s characterizations enough. I can't applaud artists Tod Smith's artistic stylings that show at least to me a lineage delineating from Big John Buscema and Joe Kubert. The drawing while taking me back to some other stories of grit and heroics a decade or two is still excellent and a refreshing brush stroke of nostalgia The Enforcers still keeps me captivated and makes me actually give a damn about not only where these cats came from, but where are they going? It's like I'm reading Chris Claremont and Big John/Sal Buscema's Wolverine monthly, (a dear and embedded favorite of mine) series and a Ravage 2099 arc all over again. This is a comic story I can have fun with and guess what peeps?! It's self contained! Yes, you too for the price of a few issues wont have to search and destroy your local comic book shop if they don't have all one-hundred thousandth parts to the latest company wise cross over event. You wont have to collect points, pull of soder, (as my pop calls it), tabs, or tear off box tops, then login to some website with an undecipherable code to get a prize of a duffle bag. The prize is reading a simple yet effective story arc within a reasonable sized comic series. Don't get me wrong I do like the events from the big two...well mostly...but, sometimes a mofo just wants to read some friggin comics that make sense!

            If you're a fan of one series, self-contained stories of action and taking the bad guys down in a Punisher plus 10 style or just a fan of comic book dynasties like Valiant, Malibu, and Marvel 2099 then treat yourself to a clear story, well drawn comic book with an actual understandable premise. Enjoy characters with soul and pathos, and big shoulder pads and pecs. I present to you lizards and germs, The Enforcers!!

-Your Indy Hunter, J.M. Hunter!



.... "Back in the Day, uh, um, back in the Day, we wore tight pants, yea..."


Posted originally: 2010-05-28 06:52:50

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