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Toy Shed: Transformers Generations Thrust and Revenge of the Fallen Bludgeon

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, June 29 2010 and posted in Columns

Transformers fans some of your most requested Decepticon figures are here!

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Ever since in 2008 when it was announced that at Botcon the remaining Seekers based on the Generations Seeker mold (Thrust, Dirge, and Thundercracker) would be released only exclusively there many Transformers toy fans wept. From that day forward, any of those figures would go into the literal hundreds of dollars just to get but one of them (five hundred or more for the entire set which included ).

A year later, Henkai would release versions of the figures, but again they would be costly (fifty dollars or more for one). Still, some Transformers fans held onto hope that Hasbro would wise up and release these Seekers into the mainstream. Well, three years later they've FINALLY done it with Thrust hitting the market (and very soon Dirge too will be released). Was the wait really worth it?

Well I should start with the bad news first. This isn't the same mold as the Botcon version. In that version, the engines where on Thrust's wing flaps (or fans take your pick on what you call them) and they where on the figure both front and back. Instead, this version uses the Henkai mold for the most part. Here the famous wings of the character are removable, and you can place them about anywhere you want on either wing.


On the bright side, this version has a WAY better paint job than the Henkai and Botcon version I personally think. The paint this one uses is much more crimson and more metallic. The colors just really more striking on this version compared to the other two. The Botcon had the problem of just having the colors on his face and chest just looking ugly while his face was just unseen. Here the face is perfectly visible and there isn't anything on the figure that just leaps out at you being wrong. Also the lightening designs on his back wings are gone (which was a feature from the Henkai version), being replaced by a more casual look (which I love).


Transformation mode this is about the same as any Generations Seeker mold. So you should expect a very simple transformation from robot to plane. Again, it all depends on where you want the wing flaps. I personally think he just looks more cooler with the flaps on his legs than his back wings. Since if you put them on the back wings it's kind of harder to move the arms on the figure.

Negatives on this figure well, his hands are a little more loose than his past Seeker kin. Also I noticed there was a bit of loose plastic on the left hand that I had to remove. Also on his backside well the paint just looks like it was rushed on the figure. The last bad thing I can say is where the heck is the hologram sticker as all other Generation Seekers before him had. I know it's a minor nitpick, but the Botcon version had it. Why couldn't this one?

Still, the figure on a whole just looks utterly awesome and has about the same posablity as all past Seekers (meaning their wings are an issue if you want to get them to bring their arms upward to fire the weapons). It was a long time coming, but I definitely say this figure was worth the wait. Now if they release a more main stream Generations Thundercracker I can truly be a happy Transformers fan. So yeah this definably is a MUST BUY for any Transformers fan.


Now I've not much bought any of the Revenge of the Fallen figures. Though they are a way better improvement then the original movie toyline, this sequel line has so far improved over every negative the past one had. When I heard they be releasing an original version of Bludgeon, and not just a used mold with a paint job of a past figure. I just couldn't help myself and bought him right up. Why? Cause the last Bludgeon original figure was the actual original Generation One. So who knows, we might have to wait another twenty years or more for another all new mold of the character.

This particular version actually bares continuity with the previous repackaged version that came out as a Toys R Us two-pack. The file states that after having that body damaged horribly in battle (with the Autobot that came with the pack) Bludgeon gets a new body and lays in wait for the new Ironhide figure that came out in the same wave.

The version does pay homage very much so to samurai. With Bludgeon coming with a long sword and dagger (which is hidden away in his back turret and it also can be attached to the sword for double bladed weapon). I really love the little bone-like features on the figure that give it an almost undead type quality. It really does look like poor old Bludgeon here got a second unhealthy life.

At first, the orange was kind of too striking for me. Though with time I mellowed on my original distaste for it and began to appreciate the choice of colors. I still kind of wish there be more detail on his head. While his face does have that skull-like look, I've seen some customs done with this figure that very much enhanced the head to look even more awesome. Still, it's me just being petty. The look of his head is just so awesome. You could stick Bludgeon in with Generation class of figures and really not know this figure was made for the live action movie line than cartoon.

Now if there is two major nitpicks I have with the figure and I'll start with the actual swords. The long one is made of cheap plastic, while the small hard. So the large one can bend quite easily (example if you store it in his little hilt he has on the right side). I'm sort of surprised they took that option and not the reverse. Though I can see why given if the longer sword was made of the hard plastic it break easy.

The other major problem I have wit him is his transformation mode. It just is an utter task to transform him from bot to tank or reverse. He's not Galvatron hard, but he's darn imposing task. I will say the top portion of him is pretty easy, it's just the bottom part that's a pain for me. The little green pieces that are part of his little samurai get were challenge to get quite right for me. I was almost worried the parts would snap off him, but thank god they didn't. Still, if you're buying this for a kid I cannot see how this part would be nothing more than a boring chore to do. Or how they'll accidentally break this toy.

Posablity, Bludgeon is pretty decent. Anything above you can do just about whatever pose you want. I prefer the little bad ass look as shown with the picture above I took. Though as expected you can't get much out of the lower half of him given the samurai look, but still it's just so neat I really don't care about that negative. Overall, for kids this probably be a bad figure to have. For an old age fan this figure just utterly rules. So I'm going to have to say that this is only a buyable, but only for the hardcore fan.

So in summary:

Generation Deluxe Thrust: MUST BUY!

Revenge of the Fallen Voyager Bludgeon: Buyable, but only for the hardcore fan.





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