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This Weeks Trending Topics 5/19-5/25

Written by Jeremy Shane on Saturday, May 25 2013 and posted in Features

This Weeks Trending Topics 5/19-5/25

What's been the hottest topics of the week so far? Find out here and check out the newest trailers dropped this week as well.

DC Credits Wrong Creative Team on Aquaman #20 Cover


Well, of course DC is hoggin hits with another screw up.  But you know what they say, "Any press is good press, even bad press."  Right?

"DC shows it gives a shit about creators by not crediting them on the cover of books they worked on."

   Read it here...




Time To Stop Pussy Footing Around... DC Bait & Switches... Again

Oh no true believers (wait... wrong company... just go with it...) DC isn't satisfied to only have one screw up get all the attention this week.  Having advertised a book under one artist and then deliver it under another.  They should totally put someone in charge of watching out for errors like this.

"Dear retailers, maybe you should stop trusting DC for a while."

   Read it here...



Um, Do What Now? Quicksilver Confirmed For X-Men 2

Quicksilver being confirmed for both Whedon's Avengers 2 and Singer's X-Men: Days of Future Past caused a little stir this week.  Although Singer's tweet-jab at Marvel Studios may have been the real issue, revealing a little corporate slapfight going on, putting poor Pietro here in the middle.

"But, I thought..."

   Read it here...



'Star Trek Into Darkness' writer Damon Lindelof Apologizes for "Gratuitous" Underwear Scene

The author of this article, this "xaraan" guy, tries to defend seeing women in their underwear for no good reason.  I don't know what's up with that guy myself.  There was a  counter argument in the form of shirtless Benedict Cumberbatch later in the week though, from a scene cut from the movie.

"This week we learn it's only alright to have gratuitous violence in movies."

   Read it here...



Little Girl Criticized for Cosplaying as Stan Lee

This little girl stormed the internet this week, finding her way to every website scouring reddit for popular topics to talk about, hoping for more sweet unique hits.  Which we totally did too. But, ThanosCopter, in his signature style, reveals more about fandom than we sometimes want to know in these fanquotes that would normally ring all too real anywhere else.

"Little Girl declared not sexy enough to cosplay as the Marvel legend."

   Read it here...




Microsoft Announces: X-Box One


For good reason, X-Box was a popular topic this week, as Microsoft announced their new next-gen console - The X-Box One.  Love it or hate it, everyone is talking about it and we had a few popular write-ups this week on news about the system.  Granted other sites turned tweet length information into entire articles, we kept our coverage a little more packaged.

   Read it here...



What Microsoft Did Wrong at the X-Box Reveal

In what may be an interesting look at how the new console was received, our most popular X-Box One article talked about how Microsoft could have handled the Reveal better.

"Microsoft revealed an impressive piece of hardware, but the presentation came up short in a few areas and we look at them here."

   Read it here...



X-Box One Questions Answered

Answering the questions that should have been covered at the Reveal, we look at the 'always online' issue, playing used games, backwards compatibility, tech specs, will my console be able to hover as (wait... what?  ok, we made that last one up).

"Almost a day after the reveal, we finally start getting answers to questions we had long before the event."

   Read it here...


You can check out our other X-Box articles and keep up with future coverage ---> HERE.



Other top articles this week:

EA IS Developing Wii U Games After All

Ronan the Accuser to be Big Bad in Guardians of the Galaxy?

Pete Woods Quits DC, No Controversy Ensues

Kevin Conroy Clears Up "Batman Arkham Origins" Confusion

E3: Ouya Booth to Set Up in Parking Lot, Open to Public

News of the World: Peter Dinklage Will Rock You in X-Men Set Pic




We'll end the article with a look at this week's new trailers:

Final Man of Steel Trailer:

The Wolverine, Trailer #2:

Pacific Rim: Monsters

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

Batman: Arkham Origins

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Destiny: The Law of the Jungle



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