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Hear Batmobile Drive Away and Fire its Guns

We assume this footage is of the Batmobile firing it's guns... or it could just be the normal sounds of Detroit.

New Trailer for Horror Video Game 'The Evil Within'

A new trailer debuts at the Tokyo Game Show for Shinji Mikami's latest horror game.

'Doctor Strange' Set for 2016 Release

This news is... Strange. (Puts sunglasses on while Who songs begins.) It's not really strange, I just couldn't think of a teaser.

Photographic Evidence Emerges That They Really Are Making a Powers TV Show

In case you had any doubts, they're making that Powers TV show.

Toonami Shows off New Space Dandy-less Schedule

With Space Dandy wrapping up shortly along with Star Wars: the Clone Wars ending it's run. Changes are once again a coming for the animated action block.

Once Again, Arrow Casts a Spartacus Actor to Play a DC Villain

Nick Tarabay will play Captain Boomerang in at least two episodes this season.

Hours After Texting Promotion Begins, Guardians of the Galaxy's Groot Involved in Lurid Sext Scandal

If technology exists, humans (and aliens) will use it to send pictures of their genitals to each other.

Fox Orders Pilot Episode for TV Series Based on DC's Lucifer

Fox really wants television shows based off of comics, it seems.

Hiddleston To Take A Trip To Skull Island

Perhaps he can bring back some help and get revenge on a certain goliath?

X-CLUSIVE: Death of Wolverine Conclusion Delayed Again, Maybe Indefinitely

As a consolation prize, you get a Greg Land variant. Did we say consolation? We meant booby.

Marvel Hyperbole Goes Off the Rails in Full December Solicitations

Unironically featuring the line: "If you read only one comic this century – This is it!"

Netflix Declares "No Arrow For You (Until October)"

WB has delayed the release of the show's second season on the popular streaming service to push disc sales.

CW's Flash Adds Another Actor From 1990s Series

It took me a shockingly long time to figure out how to write that headline.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron Will Officially Be "Unique"!

Also epic! So says the official plot synopsis…

'Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead' US Trailer

Nothing is Führer than the truth of how utterly insanely entertaining this movie is and here's the US trailer to it!