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Want To See An Avengers 2 Preview? Buy Guardians Of The Galaxy!

Or I guess you could just keep checking the internet, but still…

Marvel to Announce Cosmic Event Comic at New York Comic Con

We have nothing bad to say about this idea, but we'll still find some ways to insult people.

Nickels and Dimes - Oni Humble Bundle is Afoot!

More money to charity! More comic books! More exclamatory sentences!

Robert Downey Jr. Wants Freaking Mel Gibson to Direct Iron Man 4

We're going to repeat some things Mel Gibson has said that contain strong language. Consider yourselves warned.

September Sales Prove Comics Fans Have No One But Themselves to Blame When Companies Focus on Gimmicks Over Stories

Not only did DC see a huge market share boost from September's 3D covers, but Death of Wolverine topped the charts as well.

Masters of Sex Actor Nicholas D'Agosto Cast as Harvey Dent on Gotham

In case you ever wanted to see Harvey Dent's O-face, this is your chance.

Greg Weisman Exits Star Wars Rebels

However, another veteran joins the crew.

Tom and Jerry Cartoons Get "Racism Warning" On Amazon Prime, iTunes

Of course, some people are outraged by this "censorship."

Joaquin Phoenix Will NOT Be Doctor Strange

Is there another doctor in the house?

Star Wars Rebels Gets A Second Season

Spoiler alert: The Rebellion has not been quelled.

See Disney•Pixar's Inside Out Teaser Trailer!

Finally meet the voices inside your head. Yes, we know.

Batman: The Animated Series Volume 3 Soundtrack Coming from La La Land Records

A third volume featuring the scores of Shirley Walker & others from the classic Batman cartoon is coming from La La Land Records.

Phineas & Ferb: Night of the Pharmacists Clip

BEHOLD THE CLIP-INATOR!! It'll force you to watch clips for hours on end! MWHAAAAAA!!!! It'll also feature Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

'Young Justice' Season 2 Soon to Deal Out Justice on Blu-Ray!!!

Warner Bros Archive Collection has announced that there are plans for a Season 2 Blu-Ray Set. And this time there WILL be special features!!!