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New Evidence Reveals Identity of Jack the Ripper; It's Neil Gaiman!

The respected "writer of many things, one of which happens to be comics," was revealed to be the legendary nineteenth century murderer.

DC Shocker: Dan Didio Teases New Crisis Event

This is a truly shocking move that absolutely no one saw coming.

New 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Episode Finds Its Way Onto Internet & Zechs Rejoices

The leaked episode is just one big homage to greatest film ever made: Big Trouble in Little China. SQUEE!!!!!!

'The Legend of Korra' Book 4 Title Revealed: Balance

The fourth season's "Book" title has been revealed alogn with more news on the next season.

'Hellsing Ultimate' is Unleashed on Toonami

The popular OVA-series will premiere on the animated action block starting at 3 am (EST) NEXT Saturday night.

Kickstarter: If You Like The Sixth Gun, Why Not Try Pariah Missouri?

If you read one comic book where a Native American turns into a spirit bear and kicks the crap out of a succubus this year, let it be Pariah, Missouri!

Now Bluewater Is Making a Comic About The Joker and Aurora Shooter James Holmes

The comic is a "biography" of The Joker and the real life copycat crimes he inspires.

Geoff Johns Forever Evil Signing Event Press Release Reads Like Parody

Johns will be signing copies of "truly the most epic crossover event of all time" at a Barnes and Noble in L.A.

A Look At Vision From 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'

Looks surprisingly like the comic book version.

Emmett Scanlan Cast as Jim Corrigan (The Spectre) on Constantine

Clearly someone didn't read the "Irish Need Not Apply" signs.

Warner Bros CEO Admits Layoffs On The Way "At Every Level"

In a corporate memo, Kevin Tsuijhara revealed that "positions would be eliminated at every level throughout the studio."

Here's a Completely Useless Preview of the New Female Thor Comic

Want a clue to the new Thor's identity? Want to see her in action? Too bad! You get nothing! No Thor for you!

CW Casts White Guy as Ra's Al Ghul

This follows the proud tradition of casting other white dudes as Ra's al Ghul.