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North Korea Convinced Genosha Exists And That Marvel Is Lying To Them

After South Korea extracted all of its citizens from a North Korean factory, the isolated country turns to the fictional country of Genosha and their mutate slaves.

New Trailer for RED 2

Huge, new trailer for Red 2, plus character posters.

Halo Way Better Than Star Wars License Says Dark Horse

Pfft. Star Wars? Who needs Star Wars when you've got Halo? Not Dark Horse! That's for sure!

What's New In The New 52 – Cyborg. .. Superman?

DC wants to make Zech's head explode on a Friday!

Valiant at C2E2

Valiant offered up a few details on new books and new creative teams in Chicago this weekend.

Parker, Niles, & Swierczynski Go To Dynamite. You Take Frank With?

Frank no want only write for Outhouse anymore and Dynamite growing company that could use monster who know how to get things done!

Robotech: Love Live Alive Lands In July

Find out what happened to Lancer in the upcoming DVD.

Bleeding Cool Torn Over Whether to Spoil Movie by Own Reporter

The popular tabloid website can't decide whether to spoil Coming Around Again, the upcoming movie by Brendon Connelly.

Advance Art Preview Of Green Lantern #20

Unlettered 3-page preview of Geoff Johns' final 'Green Lantern' issue

Marvel Declares Monopoly on Meeting Creators and Winning Prizes at C2E2

Disney lawyers are ready to sue anyone trying to partake in such activities elsewhere at the convention

Munchkin: THE BOOK

The popular Steve Jackson game will be getting a book to showcase all the Munchkin goodness.

Teen Titans Go! a Ratings Hit!

The first episode brought in the viewers with over two million!!

New 'World War Z' Feautrette

Even fans of the book (since the movie seems completely different) can get something out of this behind-the-scenes look at World War Z.

"Trinity War" Tie-Ins Announced

The event is a two month crossover between three of DC's marquee titles -- Justice League, Justice League of America, and Justice League Dark

Skyrim Legendary Edition Release

Well, at least I was right about this.

Whedon CONFIRMS 'Brother Sister Act' For "Avengers 2"

Joss Whedon talked to Yahoo! Movies about the status of Avengers 2, the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series, and the return of Agent Coulson