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In Wake of Heartbleed Bug, Image Comics Releases Insensitive SUPREME Teaser

The teaser mimics a private communication on a computer terminal screen, an obvious mockery of the people suffering from the devastating effects of the Heartbleed SSL bug.

Megan Fox Sets Targets On More Beloved Franchises to Destroy

Fox threatens to use her terrible acting and working relationship with Michael Bay to ruin Thundercats, Sailor Moon, and more!

Marvel to Hold Contest to Decide Bold New Direction for Thunderbolts After Original Sin

Fans will vote on whether the book will be rocked to its foundations, shaken to its core, or changed in some other unquantifiable way that won't make any real difference.

'Batman: Strange Days' is Now Strangely Online

Yes, Kevin Conroy reprises his role as the Batman in this 75th Anniversary Dark Knight animated-short and we've got it here for you!

comiXology Confirms Amazon Sale, Denies Selling Out

The web giant will swallow comiXology whole, resulting in imminent doom for the comics industry (probably).

G-G-G-GAME CHANGER: Comixology Purchased by Amazon

Drones will now deliver digital comics to your house.

Top Six Suspects in Death of The Ultimate Warrior

We're gonna get to the bottom of this if it KILLS us! Ooh, poor choice of words.

Man Who Recovered Missing Doctor Who Episodes Releases Statement On Missing Episode "Omnirumor"

Philip Morris releases a statement on Facebook regarding the continued search for lost episodes of Doctor Who.

Blue Jackets Clinch Playoff Seed, Outhouse Editor Abuses Powers to Celebrate

Screw comics, a hockey team from Ohio made the Stanley Cup Playoffs!

David Goyer is Making an FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics (FBPFBP) Movie

The comic formerly known as Collider is getting a film adaptation produced by Dark Knight scribe David Goyer.

All New “New Suicide Squad” To Launch In July

DC promises that the “New Suicide Squad” is so good they want it out NOW!

Marvel Loses More Viewers As Agents Of SHIELD Spoils Captain America 2

Excuse me, Marvel, for not being able to make it to a theater within four days of a movie’s release. Dicks.