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Behold the Batman v. Superman Batmobile (Until We Get a DMCA Takedown Notice)

Some poor soul has leaked Batmobile pictures onto the Internet, which means you can see them here!

Bill Murray Still Won't Star in Ghostbusters 3, But Will Pick All-Female Cast

The legendary actor and crazy old man named four women he would love to star in the sequel.

Afterlife With Archie to Save Comics, Return to News Stands, Reboot Entire Industry to 1980s

The comic will be sold on news stands, fulfilling the long time wishes of fans who have insisted that a return to news stands would fix all the problems in the industry.

RUMOR: DC to Develop, Cancel Legion of Superheroes Movie

There's a new rumor that DC is developing a Legion of Superheroes movie, which they plan on cancelling once they realize that it's a Legion of Superheroes movie.

Avengers Release Hank Pym

Only 30 years too late.

Outhouse Steals EXCLUSIVENESS from CBR's Rocket Salvage Interview

The Outhouse stole several key tidbits from an EXCLUSIVE interview with Yehudi Mercado, leaving the larger website with only a finely written interview.

Hayley Atwell, George Stephanopoulos to Guest Star on Agents of SHIELD

That Atwell actress sounds familiar. Isn't she starring in a companion series or something?

Downey, Evans Less and More Likely to Return for More Cap and Iron Man Sequels, Respectively

Did we get enough keywords in that headline? How about Avengers Avengers Avengers?!

In Glaring Error, Syfy Announces Schedule for "31 Days of Halloween"

If the network had bothered to fact check, they would have easily learned the holiday is only one day long.

New Evidence Reveals Identity of Jack the Ripper; It's Neil Gaiman!

The respected "writer of many things, one of which happens to be comics," was revealed to be the legendary nineteenth century murderer.

DC Shocker: Dan Didio Teases New Crisis Event

This is a truly shocking move that absolutely no one saw coming.