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Marvel Studios Announces Phase 3 Films

More than just the Dr. Strange announcement… much more

The Rumors Of A Joel Schumacher Batman Series At DC Will. Not. Die.

Rich Johnson refuses to let the rumors of a Batman title based on the much maligned Joel Schumacher Batman films die a quiet, dignified death.

Benderatch Cumberdict Is (Allegedly) Dr. Strange

Deadline is reporting the Sherlock actor will be the star of the next big Marvel franchise.

Aaron Paul Sounds Off on the 'Breaking Bad' Figures Being Forced Off Toys R Us Shelves Fiasco

This story isn't over! Jesse Pinkman himself is now getting involved in this, trying to right the wrong of Breaking Bad figures being removed from Toys R Us due to a Charge.Org petition.

'Young Justice' Season 2 Coming to Blu-Ray November 18th & Extras Revealed

The popular animated show will get its final season released on Blu-Ray November 18th.

Still A Reason To Watch Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. on 10/28?

More Avengers: Age of Ultron footage incoming?

Peter Milligan and Karen Berger Join Rest of Comics Fandom in Complaining About Constantine

The former Hellblazer writer and Vertigo chief tell us what we already knew.