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Bitter Fanboy Trashes DC Sales on D-List Blog Called Publishers Weekly

Written by Jude Terror on Thursday, February 14 2013 and posted in News with Benefits
Bitter Fanboy Trashes DC Sales on D-List Blog Called Publishers Weekly

More senseless bashing of Dan and the gang as the bias against poor DC Comics continues!

Source: Publishers Weekly

Some upstart fanboy complaint blog called Publishers Weekly published an article today by Todd Allen, obviously a virginal shut-in with nothing better to do than obsess over DC comic book characters and continuity, which was little more than a hatchet job on the fine work that geniuses like Dan Didio and Bob Harras have been doing over at DC Comics. The article claims that DC "sales" are "declining," and that the "sales band" of "top tier titles" is also "dropping" "rapidly."

Allen backs this up with little more than a thorough analysis of eighteen months worth of sales statistics. Come on, Todd. You're going to have to do better than that.

As we all know, DC's Nu52 has been a rip-roaring success, and the company did everything possible to capitalize on the publicity they received during the initial reboot in September of 2011. Let's look at the facts:

Did DC not hire a slew of 1990s creators like Rob Liefeld and Scott Lobdell and put them on like ten books each?

Did DC not insist on always publishing 52 titles, regardless of whether there was any good reason for a particular book to exist?

Did the company not constantly interfere with its creative talent with ever-changing editorial mandates?

Have they not used the most ridiculous marketing gimmicks, like gatefold covers and zero issues, to boost sales?

The answer to all of these questions is yes. So you are a jerk, Todd Allen. Case closed.

But to show we are fair, we'll hear what you have to say:

Looking at the sales bands, there is significant downward movement on the titles, especially in the upper levels. DC has had some success with crossover events in the Batman and Green Lantern families of titles that are helping to stabilize the overall line (Green Lantern is the title that returned to the 90K band in October), but most everything else is drifting downward, some of it swiftly. DC is cancelling titles in that lowest band, titles selling roughly 10K-18K and replacing them with titles that launch anywhere from 70K to 30K and then usually enter the normal path of monthly attrition.

Oh really, Todd? Titles are drifting downward? Where's your evidence?

What's that? A graph? Well, let's see it.

Hahahahaha! Look at that thing! He couldn't even draw the lines straight. They're all over the place. What good is that? At least make an effort Todd! You lazy bastard.

Oh, Todd. What else have you got to say?

If you ignore the consumer sampling figures of the September 2011 launch month, the variance in average sales per month was a little less than 3%, before jumping to a bit over 6% in January, which is extremely stable—even more so when you consider the downward momentum. The under 19K bands are doing nothing but increase since the initial culling of low-selling titles. This suggests DC may not be able to come up with new titles as quickly as the existing ones are losing sales.


Oh, were you saying something Todd? We tuned you out, because your "stats" are so boooooooring.

Looking past those two potential blockbusters, the failure of recent replacement books looms large. DC has shown the tendency to start cancelling titles as they fall under 18K in the Direct Market sales estimates. [...] It’s one thing to have titles fail after a year or two, but many of the replacement titles are crashing swiftly and end up being the ones replaced.

Look... DC fans are tired of being e-bullied by know-it-all jerks who want to take out their personal...

What's that? No, that can't be right... Really? Oh. My mistake. Okay then...

Dear readers, I've been informed by my editors that Publishers Weekly is a highly respected publishing industry blog, and that Todd Allen an accomplished and knowledgeable columnist who has written for some of the biggest outlets in the comic book media. They're also telling me that his analysis is thoughtful and compelling, and that I'm completely out of line with my knee-jerk attack.

Well, folks, I apologize for this uncharacteristic behavior. I'm going to sign myself up for a bare bottom spanking from ThanosCopter as punishment. You can head over to Publishers Weekly and read Todd's article for yourself, then join us in the Facebook comments below or the forums and share your own opinions.


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