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C2E2: Marvel's Next Big Thing Panel

Written by sdsichero on Sunday, April 28 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

C2E2: Marvel's Next Big Thing Panel

This year's panel was a list of things coming next, and answers the Thor news teased from yesterday.

Source: Marvel's Next Big Thing Panel liveblog

Marvel's Next Big Thing panel at C2E2 2013 was less big, and more things. The panel was basically a rundown of upcoming directions for existing Marvel titles. In attendance were SVP Executive Editor Tom Brevoort, writer Joshua Hale Fialkov (Alpha Big Time, Ultimate Comics The Ultimates), writer Kieron Gillen (Iron Man, Young Avengers), artist Dave Marquez (Ultimate Comics Spider-Man), editor Ellie Pyle, editor Jordan D. White, SVP talent relations CB Cebulski, and Arune Sing, Director of Communications.

On Thor, the announcement is: a new arc in the currently running title Thor: God of Thunder. The new arc will be titled "The Accursed" and will feature the return of Makekith (now if only there was a movie that featured Thor and Malekith coming out too...). Writer Jason Aaron and artist Ron Garney will be on this upcoming arc.

Thor: God of Thunder #13 cover by Ron Garney
Thor: God of Thunder #13 cover by Ron Garney


As teased previously, Iron Man will have a new arc introducing the Stark Se7en and "The Secret Origin of Tony Stark". This will be brought to you by writer Kieron Gillen and artist Dale Eaglesham starting in issue 10.

Stark Se7en teaser by Dale Eaglesham
Stark Se7en teaser by Dale Eaglesham


Indestructible Hulk #11 will start a new arc called "Hulk Agent of T.I.M.E." in July. Mark Waid will handle writing, with Matteo Scalera on art.

In the world of Captain America, we'll see the resolution of the Dimension Z arc. Marvel says to expect characters we haven't seen for a while to make an appearance and a "big, emotional tear-jerker climax". Following this, Nuke and the Weapon Minus Project will come on to the scene.

Fearless Defenders will be double-shipping for the month of July only.  Valkyrie will get a new costume.

Ultimate Comics was next in the line up. First up was talk about the big 25th issue of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man. The book will leap one year ahead in time. David Marquez will be the full time and ongoing artist starting with that arc. Miles Morales will be a dark place dealing with his feelings and loss he experienced. issue 24 will have an appearance by Cloak & Dagger.

Though they couldn't give anything away, Marvel teased that Brian Wood's upcoming story in Ultimate Comics X-Men will be a big one.

Finally, Fialkov covered his The Ultimates #27 and #28 (Carmine Di Giandomenico) with art by . The first page has Ultimate Hulk with two Infinity Gauntlets. Later in the panel, they'd go on to note that the Ultimate Universe has two more gems than in the "616". Ultimate Reed Richards will be making an appearance in Fialkov's run. Something that Fialkov's run will focus on is who the real bad guys and who the real heroes are.

The panel then moved on to Q&A. A few snippets:

- When asked about Ultimate Spider-Woman, Marquez says she plays a big role in upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man issues.

- In answering a fan's question, Brevoort says that they are definitely not done with Bucky/Winter Soldier. He will be showing up in Captain America and Secret Avengers. He also hinted that might be a new title.

- Fan wanted to see Miles Morales in more media. Singh says that in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, his name shows up on one of Phil Coulson's screens (but that means you;d have to watch Ultimate Spider-Man).

- A fan wanted a more darker Deadpool series, White said that the upcoming team up with Captain America and Wolverine will have him "a bit darker".

- Asked about Vulcan, Marvel says he could potentially show up in Guardians of the Galaxy , Uncanny Avengers, or New Avengers.

The panel closes with White playing the theme to the X-Men animated series on his ukulele. The fans reported sang along to it.



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