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SDCC: Marvel Studios Panel Live Blog Live Blog

Written by Jude Terror on Sunday, July 21 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

SDCC: Marvel Studios Panel Live Blog Live Blog

How will Marvel respond to DC's announcement of a Superman/Batman animated movie?!

Source: Marvel Live Blog Central

Hey folks, Jude Terror here, reporting from the passenger seat of my car on the way home from a seven year old's birthday party. My wife wasn't too pleased about having to drive, nor was she impressed with excuses like "I'm an important internet personality" and "But there's breaking comics news happening RIGHT NOW," but, nevertheless, here I am, and I'm following the Marvel Studios panel via Marvel Live Blog to bring you the news.

How will Marvel react to DC's announcement of a Superman/Batman live action movie? Refresh the page for updates!

6:05 PM

Panel is starting. Marvel's live blogger Agent M is laying down the law:

"If you're going to ask for live video, there will be none. We will throw out anyone in Hall H who tries to record this panel."

Tough talk, bro.


The live blog has gotten exciting. Now they're complaining about the wifi. Still no news about what the hell is actually happening in the panel itself.


The panel still hasn't started. UNIQUE HITS!

I should mention I drank an entire pitcher of beer at the child's birthday party I was just at.


Kevin Feige has entered Hall H. I am mildly buzzed, and live blogging a live blog.


Expanding my coverage to Twitter as well for more info.

"Loki" has appeared on the stage and is "talking" to the crowd, insulting them, and demanding they kneel before him. Awesome.


Pic here of Loki:


Another from 4chan. This is when Loki told the crowd to kneel before him.


Marvel played some footage from Thor: The Dark World. The footage teased a Thor/Loki teamup. Not the kind you read about on Tumblr.

The Captain America cast is coming on stage next.


Chris Evans is talking about Captain America: The Winter Soldier. He's discussing how Cap is adjusting to life in the modern world, being a man out of time. I'm completely straight, but Chris Evans is a sexy man.


The Black Widow will get a lot of screen time in the movie. She and Cap will "share" the movie.


Anthony Mackie contradicts the Black Widow stuff and says the movie is really about Cap and The Falcon. WHICH IS IT, MARVEL?!

The movie will stay very true to Brubaker's story on The Winter Soldier himself.

They're playing footage.


Marvel's live bloggers are crowing about how this footage is only for people in Hall H and no one else can see it. That shit'll be up on YouTube within the hour. It's 2013.


My wife is yelling at me, telling me I should be helping tell her how to get to Denny's. I explained this was the Marvel Studios panel. Doesn't she understand the importance of trivial minutia about superhero movies?


The footage from Captain America showed a helicarier about to crash (again?), and a bunch of characters kicking ass.

My comment from three minutes ago is immediately validated as footage of Tom Hiddleston as Loki appears on Youtube. Check it out before it gets taken down:

Our forum posters will keep you updated in the comments below with new videos once this one disappears.


The Guardians of the Galaxy cast flew in just for this panel. James Gunn is there, talking about the film. Hopefully he can avoid getting involved in any sexism scandals.

Former WWE Champion Batista cried when he got the job as Drax. Chris Pratt talks about Starlord, saying he's kind of a selfish jerk who finds meaning in the Guardians. He jokes about being too fat for the role and being told to get in shape, referring to the recent pictures of him jacked for the part.

Djimon Hounsou is playing Korath. Zechs is posting an article about that with more info.


Karren Gillen shaved her head to play Nebula:


We'll put that in its own article for UNIQUE HITS!

They're playing some footage from Guardians apparently. It's only been filming for like a week.


In further hair news, Michael Rooker has a mohawk.

The cast of GOTG posed for photos, so we'll get you one of those as soon as they become available.

Joss Whedon is out now.


The next Avengers movie:


FUCK! The greatest movie franchise of all time meets the worst event comic of all time?!

Paging ThanosCopter...


The panel is over. I've kept my family waiting outside Dennys for 10 minutes to finish this up. We'll be following up with some epic bitching about Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. Stay tuned!


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