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DC Shocker: 3D Cover Allocations Due to Lack of 3D Paper

Written by Jude Terror on Thursday, August 15 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

DC Shocker: 3D Cover Allocations Due to Lack of 3D Paper

Is anyone shocked by this at all?

Source: The Outhouse Forums

Yesterday, DC published a Q&A in Diamond Daily about their 3D cover allocation fiasco, and while it was filled with the usual corporate flim flam, it also said something very revealing:

There was a physical limit to how many copies we could print due to availability of the special cover stock.


But wait, we thought it was because people luvvvved the 3D covers so much they ordered far more than expected?! What's the real story?!

Outhouser OldCurmudgeon summed the whole thing up on our forums yesterday (his comments in red):

O.k., I had time on my hands this morning before opening the shop. In this morning's Diamond Daily, they had a story titled: "DC Releases Villains Month 3-D Motion Cover Allocation FAQ." So I thought I'd let you guys in on it. (Emphasis and editorial added):

1. What portion of my orders for the Villains Month 3-D Motion Covers will I receive on each title?

The allocations are based on an average of your orders of each Villains Month titles’ base title over the past few months.

Allocations will range from approximately 50% fill to nearly 100% fill on different titles.

2. When will I know my allocated numbers?

The allocation lists for DC’s Villains Month 3-D Motion Cover issues are available now at Diamond.

The list will show your current Diamond Order and your Allocation Order

3. Okay. I have the allocation list. I want to cut my orders on the Villains Month 3-D Motion Cover issues.

If you wish to decrease your orders on any of the 3-D motion cover issues, please contact your Diamond Customer Service Representative or DC Sales Representative. All decreases must be received by Friday, August 16.

4. Why didn’t DC print at least as many copies of each of the 3-D motion cover issues as they do on the regular monthly series?

There was a physical limit to how many copies we could print due to availability of the special cover stock.

I don't recall reading this anywhere when DC and Dan Didio announced the allocations, do you?

5. Will the 2-D Standard Edition issues be made returnable?

Yes, they will be returnable. They will also appear on FOC, you can adjust your orders as you see fit.

6. Why aren’t the second printings of the 3-D motion covers being offered individually?

We’re offering the reprint full sets to assist retailers who presold full sets. These are not intended to replace the September Villains Month 3-D motion cover issues. You are welcome to keep the complete sets whole or break them up to sell the issues individually.

I don't believe I read this anywhere but this FAQ either. They offered it as a way to make more cash.

7. Why do we have to wait until December to get the Complete Sets? Can I return the covers I don’t want?

These items all have very long lead times. Even with an FOC date of August 12, the soonest the Complete Sets can be printed and shipped to stores is December 11. The complete sets are non-returnable. We expect to be able to fill all orders for the complete set.

Evidently the special cover stock will be available by then...

8. Why is this happening?

The 3-D motion covers required a much longer production time than normal covers. We had to set print runs on these issues very early. As more retailers saw sample copies, orders continued to build beyond the print runs we had set. Orders greatly exceeded DCE’s expectations.

So which is it; cover stock availability or lead time?

9. Why can’t I FOC the last three weeks of the 3-D motion cover issues?

We considered letting these issues go through on FOC, but due to the allocations there was no way you would receive your full orders on these titles. It seemed unfair to have retailers go to the trouble of going through the process where it would not impact the outcome. We would rather have you focus on planning your strategy for the allocations, your orders on the 2-D Standard Editions and on the Complete Set.

10. Are there copies of the 3-D motion cover issues in reserve to cover damages?

Yes, but a substantially smaller percentage than usual. Our goal will be to get as many copies out to you as possible. Where no replacement copies remain, you will receive a credit.

11. Will there be reorders available for the Standard Edition covers?

Yes, we anticipate having copies available for reorder. 


Bleeding Cool reported on the story, but will they have better luck than we did? After all, The Outhouse recently broke the story that Marvel was hit by a shortage of the final issue of Age of Ultron due to a lack of polybag material, an honest-to-god real story that we even confirmed with Diamond, and (almost) nobody gave a crap. Of course, that wasn't quite on this scale and didn't follow a roughly 18 month bender of epic stupidity like DC's latest clusterfuck, so maybe that had something to do with it.

We're debating resetting the counter on this one. Really, it's part of the ongoing debacle surrounding these covers and Forever Evil Villains Month, so we're not even sure whether it counts as a new stupid thing or just a really long tail on the original stupidity.

Vote with your comments, people!


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