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Ominous Tidings from NYCC for Several Upcoming All-New Marvel NOW Titles

Written by Jeffrey Kromer on Monday, October 28 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Ominous Tidings from NYCC for Several Upcoming All-New Marvel NOW Titles

Jeff Kromer hasn't been to New York since the 80's and he certainly wasn't at NYCC earlier this month. Here's some shit he made up.

Source: ThanosCopter Newswire

Jeff Kromer here, pretending to report from New York Comic Con. I didn't attend a number of panels and wasn't able to talk to any creators or editors. So here we go!


At the Cup 'O Joe panel Marvel EiC Joe Quesada didn't have this exchange with a genderbent Wally West cosplayer!

Joe: New Warriors! The last time we saw them they were embroiled in the beginnings of Civil War and the scars from stuff like that don't always heal easily.

Cosplayer: Didn’t Civil War happen, like, 10 years ago?

Joe: Civil War was a major sales and critical success, tie-ins sold huge and the collected edition is an evergreen seller for us.

Cosplayer: Uh….?

Joe: It’s not like we’ve been chasing that sales success for years to ever diminishing returns HA-HA!

Cosplayer: So is New Warriors gonna take place in the past or….?

Joe: Why would we do Civil War 2?

Cosplayer: ...nobody said you were?

Joe: People loved Civil War but sometimes a sequel is just a cash grab.

Joe:  ...

Joe: ::whispers:: Civil War 2 Summer 2014

::Runs off dais::


I didn't speak with Marvel Editor Steve Wacker on the con floor. I made that up.

Wacker: We’re pretty excited to not call another series War Machine. I mean Iron Man 2.0 didn’t work great, so to speak, but Iron Patriot is a whole different ball game! And Nick Kot-

Jeff: Ales.

Wacker: What?

Jeff: It’s Ales Kot.

Wacker: You sure? Cause I'm pretty sure it’s Nick Spencer?

Jeff: No, uh, see he was the Iron Man 2.0 writer who-

Wacker: Either way we’re pretty excited that 18 months from now, to tie in to Avengers 2 we’ll be debuting “Avengers: Tony Stark's Pal: Rohdey”! It’s gonna be great!

Me: But, what about Iron Patriot?

Wacker: Sorry, what?


New Ghost Rider writer Felipe Smith wasn't doing a signing at the Marvel Booth. I didn't pull him aside for a quick chat.

Jeff: So you’ve got some new plans for Ghost Rider?

Felipe: Yeah, new plans like not being tied to Fear Itself.

Jeff: So you feel that the last Ghost Rider series got bogged down launching with Fear Itself?

Felipe: I'm sorry, I couldn't hear your question over not having to deal with Fear Itself.

Jeff: ::laughs:: So what's your take on the Rider?

Felipe: Well it’s a gonna be a bold new direction where we take the GR mythos and-

From the other side of the booth Joe Quesada did not call out.



Felipe: Uh, hey Joe what’s-?


Felipe: I’m open to any sort of collaboration, I mean, the artistic process is very fluid an-


Joe: EH? ::thumbs up:: ::runs off::

Felipe: ...fuck.


I didn't attend a Nathan Edmonson Spotlight Panel. Because I wasn't in New York. Thats clear? Great.

Nathan: I’m pretty excited by what we’re doing, Mitch and I have a great collaboration on The Activity so it’s nice to be able to shift that focus to Punisher. Plus the move to L.A. will really re-invigorate him we think! Maybe even a Moon Knight tie in? Eh?

Moderator: Uh, Moon Knight has been canceled for a while now, so were you thinking a guest spot or...?

NathanMoon Knight got canceled? Bendis’ Moon Knight?

Moderator: Yeah, they got like, 12-14 issues?

Nathan: BRIAN Bendis?

Moderator: Yes?

Nathan: Huh. Well, I’m sure it’ll be fine, Frank's been out of the 616 spotlight for years so people are chomping at the bit-

Moderator: Marvel canceled Greg Ruckas’s 616 Punisher earlier this year.

Nathan: GREG RUCKA? Like Greg Rucka, Greg Rucka?

Moderator: Yeah, it was-

Nathan: Are you shitting me?

Moderator: No, it was a critically acclaimed but low-

Suddenly a door at the back of the room did not open and Steve Wacker didn't poke his head in.

Wacker: Hey guys! Great panel! ::thumbs up::

Audience turns, murmurs

Wacker: Hey, just take a second, Nate how are you doing on Punisher?

Nathan:  :: taken aback:: Uh, great, I’m really-

Wacker: How far you plotted out?

Nathan: About, uh, 40 issues?

Wacker: Ohhh, would there be a, uh, maybe a natural end point around issue 14?

Nathan: No, uh, not really.

Wacker: What if, as, like, like a writing exercise you, uh, look at where you’re at around issue 14 and see how you might wrap things up from that point?

Nathan: …

Wacker: Maybe in like a 5 issue awkwardly titled miniseries?

Nathan: ...

Wacker: Sounds good! Have that in my inbox on Monday!


So, just to recap, none of that happened.


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