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SNES Classic Is a Scalpers' Paradise!

Written by Zechs on Friday, September 29 2017 and posted in News with Benefits

SNES Classic Is a Scalpers' Paradise!

Did you get your SNES Classic today? No? Well, take a guess where most of them are now up on? It ain't at a retailer store.

So the SNES Classic was released today from Nintendo, and already the traumatic experiences of getting an NES Classic are returning to most who tried to attain one. Now, I myself just wanted to be a witness today. To place myself into the swarm of people again who were looking for it.

I started with going to Walmart for the midnight release (since a friend tipped me off saying there would nineteen units available via an app they linked me too).  Another friend had waited outside his Walmart (which wasn't a 24/7) and that was already packed with people at 7:30 pm.I arrived two hours early to a group of men lingering around the electronic section. I was actually kind of astonished of my chances at that moment. Cue an hour and fifteen minutes later when the crowd grew.

Then I found out that made my stomach turn slightly: Walmart gave away reserve tickets at 7 pm. The guard assured those who didn't have one if they had a loose one or if not claimed, we'd have a chance. I knew then learning there was no chance in hell of attaining one. Still, I wanted to see if I was with people who wanted to game or people who were there just to scalp it. 

Sadly, it looked more into column B. The person next to me told me how he had nabbed The six NES Classics last year and made a pretty penny. This year he had hoped to do the same.  Then there was another who obviously was there for the same thing, coming in at 11:30 pm (talking to the guard into trying to get into the ticket line and then stealing a place at the front). Then there were the few who did want to play the system just to play the actual system. I heard stories of games some wanted to play if they got it tonight. So it was nice to hear of some hope out there.

As midnight came, the ticket line started to go. One of the first people who attained one flaunted it in front of the line who was waiting for a slight bit of hope. Dangling and teasing the fact that he would be possibly playing the game tonight (or scalping it). I could tell some were already pissed at the guy in front cutting ahead and ready to pounce the moment they said, "They would have some left in stock." Instead, that never came, even though there were four spots unclaimed. The guard was wrong, Walmart would make sure those who had those tickets would get their SNES Classics. The man who had cut ahead in line made a b-line to the clerk desk trying was trying to make a deal with the Walmart clerk to attain the four they still had and after most gave up. I saw him walking away empty handed.

Then the irony hit. As I walked away from my local Walmart a few feet away I saw a trio of coyotes lingering and dash behind the store (I later saw them again near the exit toward the plaza next to the Walmart and decided to not tempt fate any further).

But what of the morning releases? That I knew Toys R Us and Best Buy would be giving tickets out early prior to the store opening. Since that and Games Stop was nearby. I decided to do a little venturing around in the wee hours of the morning. Each store told the same tale. A large line waiting beyond hope to get in. Yes, the product was increased this time, but it appears the demand is so much stronger. So I called it a day for the most part. Until I looked at 

So I called it a day for the most part. Until out of curiosity I looked back at the app from before and noticed another Walmart a little more of a drive away. Supposedly had three still in stock. There was no way. Still, I had to go check it out. Sure enough, they ran out around noon. 

After that, I decided to look up the Marketplace on Facebook for the obvious thing next: to see how much scalpers were offering. I laughed at the $500 entry one had for the SNES classic, and then at the $180 some were offering. Still, one $250 entry I had to wonder how the hell they attained five in the picture they had posted? How much hunting did they have to make? Did they have a friend on the inside? Or was it preordered? 


eBay told a mostly similar tale. Save for the fact most are offering it for $163  I guess Facebook scalpers are cheaper than eBay scalpers.  If there is anything learned from this all: no lessons were ever learned by Nintendo again. The demand for the product was higher, even though there was more product than before. It's also only October. So there are a few more months before the dreaded Holiday season. So I guess this is slightly better than last year in a few ways.

So what was your SNES Classic tale this year? Was it rewarding? Was it not? Are you reliving the horrors of last year again? Please feel free to share it here.


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