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Amazing Spider-Man Gets Real, Kills Multiple Beloved Characters (SPOILERS)

Written by ThanosCopter on Friday, May 18 2012 and posted in News with Benefits

Fan favorites [SPOILER], [SPOILER] and [SPOILER] all died this week.

As we all know, an event isn't really an event until someone dies.  What better way to show the stakes and the risks of a villain's latest scheme to rule the world than to kill off some scrub characters who haven't been seen in months?  Amazing Spider-Man's Ends of the Earth event popped its fatality cherry and killed off multiple characters this week in a completely necessary tie-in that's crucial to understanding the rest of the event. 


In Amazing Spider-Man:Ends of the Earth Special #1, reformed villains Kangaroo and Titanium Man as well as bulletproof Israeli mutant Sabra are reportedly killed by Lady Deathstrike, Crossbones and the Scorpion.

kangarooBrian Hibbs, the second character to wear the Kangaroo moniker, was murdered by Lady Deathstrike in his not-home country of Australia.  Deathstrike became upset at the Kangaroo's fake Australian accent and impaled the sometimes villain in the chest with her nail blades.  Astute Marvel readers will remember that Brian Hibbs, the current possessor of the Kangaroo mantle, has never been portrayed with an Australian accent. Obviously, Lady Deathstrike remembered this as well.

Even more alarming than Kangaroo's ignoble end as a faux-Australian is Sabra's demise.  Sabra, one of just 200 mutants in the world and possibly the only Israeli hero in the Marvel Universe, meets her end via Crossbones, who shoots her while eating a sandwich.  While the character has been shown to be bulletproof in the past, she has been occasionally shown to be vulnerable to high caliber shots, much like the mayo drenched bullets Crossbones was firing. [Editor's Note: It's possible that Sabra isn't dead, of course.  She has been shown to have some sort of healing factor in the past.]


Finally, Titanium Man was killed off-panel by the Scorpion, issuing one last heroic "Yargh!", which is Russian for "Shit got real, yo!", before dying respectfully off-panel. 

It's rumored that Great One Brian Bendis is upset at the decision to kill off The Kangaroo and Sabra, as he planned to pitch a Sabra/Kangaroo team-up series after his run on Avengers wrapped up.  Grant Morrison also scrapped his plans to return to Marvel upon hearing that Titanium Man, a childhood idol of his, was killed.

All three heroes were given a respectful final treatment by writer Rob Williams, who posted a respectable pages per kill ratio of 4.67:1.  Compare this to Avengers vs. X-Men, which is tracking a mediocre 247:1 (approximate) when including tie ins. 

For those keeping track, Ends of the Earth now holds a two body lead over Avengers vs. X-Men, whose only fatality thus far is the rare Antarctic polar bear.  AvX can't even claim a clear cut victory in endangered animal deaths, as both kangaroos and mutant Israelis are both listed as threatened species according to the IUCN. 

To honor these fallen heroes, here's a picture of a kangaroo with a beer, a fitting tribute to those who lost their lives this week.


Written or Contributed by: ThanosCopter

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