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View from the Gutters: Strange Attractors

This week on View from the Gutters the topic is Strange Attractors, by Charles Soule. An amazing original graphic novel about math wizards who save New York!

Why I Love Comics #155 Your Power Morpher is busted

On this episode of the podcast, Eric sits down with Jeremy and good friend Chris (From Dark Avenger Inc) to talk about recent comic news, Power Rangers lost in space, Thor 2, Agents of Shield,...

View from the Gutters: Supermarket

This week on View from the Gutters the topic is the very cool Supermarket, by Brian Wood and Kristian Donaldson.

Why I Love Comics #154 with Tim Seeley!

It's Halloween so who better to sit down and talk with then the creator of Hack/Slash, Loaded Bible and co-creator of current Image comics hit Revival?

The Enthusiast - Episode 38: Kung-Fu Hippie, From Gangster City

For the first time in Enthusiast history, one of your beloved hosts was not free to record this week.

View from the Gutters: The Authority

This week on View from the Gutters the topic is The Authority, Vol. 1, the classic genre redefining series by the inimitable Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch.

The Enthusiast - Episode 37: Two Spaghetti Meals In One Day

This week on the show, we're back to our usual tricks as Kieran is once again recommending his favourite band (because he's not had a chance to listen to anything else), we talk about the changing...

View from the Gutters: Revival

On this week's episode of View from the Gutters the topic is Revival, a supernatural horror comic by Tim Seeley and Mike Norton

The Enthusiast - Literally Judas w/ Calamity Jon Morris

This week, we're getting ourselves ready for The Enthusiast's favourite holiday, Halloween!

Why I Love Comics #153 New York Comic Con 2013!

On this episode of the podcast, Eric heads to New York Comic Con and covers everything from Dark Horse to China, IL.

View from the Gutters: Longshot

On this week's episode of View from the Gutters the topic is Ann Nocenti and Art Adam's Longshot, the original mini-series which introduced the fan-favorite character to the Marvel U.

The Enthusiast - Episode 36: Stay Out of Riverdale!

I bet you'd forgotten we do normal episodes as well!

The Enthusiast - I'm Your Villain w/Chris Roberson Dennis Culver

I don't know how we keep getting all these amazing guests!

The Enthusiast - Grimmfest 2013: Wrap-Up

Well, Grimmfest is over for another year.

The Enthusiast - Grimmfest Day Four w/Simeon Halligan

For our final interview, Shaun snagged the head honcho himself, Mr.