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Bureau of Totally Kawaii Investigation: Wayward #3

Rori forms a team of the strangest teens of all and we learn a little bit more about the source of her powers as some grown-ups hatch some plans.

Madness in the Air - Sundowners #3 Review

Tim Seeley and Jim Terry bring out the crazy, as this perfectly Halloween friendly story continues.

Wild West, Cardboard Forts and More! Bob’s Burgers #3!

You’re like the pied piper, with irritable bowel syndrome.

Engineered For Maximum Toughness!: Samurai Jack #13!

The secret origin of Jack's sword revealed.

Pacific Remix: World Trigger Volume 1 Review

It's like Pacific Rim with teenagers instead of robots.

I Hope Neil Young Will Remember Southern Bastards Don't Need Him Anyhow

Two Jasons sounds like a bad 90's song, but hear they sing a different Song of the South. A review of Southern Bastards Vol. 1.

In Soviet Russia, Time Warps You: Station 16 Hardcover

Twilight Zone meets The Hills Have Eyes in a short but sweet terror filled excursion to an abandoned nuclear test facility.

Like Super-Father, Like Super-Son: Imperial #3

Imperial and Mark bond in the desert and Mark learns a little bit about great power and great responsibility (all without losing an uncle!).

Movie Review: Kikaider Reboot

70s Japanese television series… er… rebooted for the 21st Century.

Presenting Dark Horse Presents #3!

Add a teaspoon of Norse, a cup of nature and a heaping helping of sci-fi. Mix well and enjoy!

A Double-Sized Issue! The Mice Templar IV Legend #14!

Legends have a way of creating themselves.

The Fade Out #2 is actually a bright shining light

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips are masters of Crime Fiction. The Fade Out does not disappoint.