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Review: Copperhead #2

Space-Western-Murder-Mystery. Read it.

Review: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #1

A review of the new horror series by Archie Comics.

Punks: The Comic #1 Now With More Bounce Per Ounce

Fialkov and Chamberlain's crude and clever commentary is back.

Comic Book Facelift: Masterplasty One Shot

James Harvey delivers an unconventional horror book where the monster is societal pressure to look gorgeous!!!

GattaGaga: Pop #2

Coop and Elle go on the run and do drugs and go on the run some more.

The Lady From Roche Limit: Roche Limit #1

A new series about murder and mystery in space is here to stick it to your preconceived notions.

Behind the Crescent Moon #1

Your Outhouse weekly review Roundup... this week we look back to the reviews starting on Sept 24, 2014...

All is Fair in Love and Food: Food Wars Vol. 2 Review

Iron Chef meets Iron Shirt, Kung Pao meets Kung Fu, and whatever other food/combat puns you can think of.

The Manhattan Projects - Holy Crap my Brain... (Review)

Jonathon Hickman and Nick Pitarra recreate the story of the atomic era... and somehow manage to make it way scarier. And perverted? With a hint of cannibalism! And Xenophobia!?

Fiction Squad is a storybook procedural

Fan funded, Fablewood continues in this story about the gumshoe who finds out who scrambled the egg.

A revolutionary and beautiful comic - Storyteller: Witches No. 1

Stunningly gorgeous, the first issue of the new Single Issue version of the comic line bearing Jim Henson's name is one of the best comics of the year.

George Perez hears the call of the Sirens, a review.

There is humor, action and ideas for days in this opening salvo of George Perez's Sirens #1. The comics superstar is still the man.