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Kuru: A review of the fecal flinging undead!

Written by Cajunbean on Wednesday, May 24 2017 and posted in Reviews

Kuru: A review of the fecal flinging undead!

Anyone else sick of undead crap? Yeah me too... but roving packs of vampire chimpanzees? Who eat caveman?! WTF man, I say we beat this undead horse a bit more!

Source: Kickstarter

Title- Kuru

Artistswriter enslaved work horse - Brian Flint


So Kuru is kind of an anthology to the undead. Its main focus follows a pack of Neanderthals who have just made it home. And then they begin to be systematically devoured by a roving pack of undead primates.

So straight off this bat, this book resonates a tone that would find itself right at home on the pages of Heavy Metal Magazine. The art is gritty, the violence is hyper, and basically anything that dies is guaranteed to end in an an intestine splattering money shot.

The black and white art, thick with a heavy inker's hand, is sincere in its brutality. This read is a bit heavy on gore; when things die, they die in spectacular fashion. Seriously, you see a ton of entrails everywhere. The book's characters are by and large brutish cavemen with gangly, stank ridden charm, are all elegantly composed in the most hideous of fashions. The world plays to a its very primal strengths and really doesn't let up on the brutality of the existence primitive people... being hunted by really hungry blood-sucking chimps.

Now the narrative is not one of vast depth, but to be fair, the book is not quite done, still currently wrapping up its Kickstarter, and the tale may unfold into something a bit more. But even if it doesn't what we have instead is a story that is power chugging adrenaline, as the murder rate piles up specatularly. In a world where Robert Kirkman has turned the undead mythos into the background for the world's potentially longest soap opera, it is kind of nice to just see the dead murder the living again with no melodrama ladled into the mix.

In summation, the book isn't done, the kickstarter 93% funded as of the time of the writing, but its definitely off to a strong start. The art is gritty and gory, and the story is simple and bloody. If you want to watch dead monkey beat the ass out of dead cavemen, hop on this book, its a bloody chaotic ride.


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