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El Presidente

El Presidente gave up his position as President and Prime Minister of Cuba, as well as First Secretary of Cuba's Communist Party, in 2008 in order to concentrate on his true love: Hollywood gossip reporting. Forming the rumor website Cubano Review, El Presidente built a name for himself based on over THREE DOZEN industry credited trade scoops. Unfortunately, capitalist American trade embargoes have rendered unreachable from within the United States, forcing El Presidente to syndicate his articles to The Outhouse, which flies under the radar of the American oligarchy thanks to most leaders assuming it is a scat porn site, which, to be fair, is basically true.


Cubano Review: Superman Saved by Whales in Aquaman Easter Egg in Man of Steel?

El Presidente is back with the hottest scoop since... okay, maybe not the hottest... lukewarm would be more accurate.

Cubano-Review: Standalone Batfleck Film "The Batman" Rumored for 2019

A prediction so far in the future, there's no way anyone will remember if it ends up being total bullshit!

Bride of the Return of the Jason Momoa as Aquaman Rumor, Part 4: The Revenge

According to the latest scuttlebutt, Momoa is a lock for the lord of the fish!

Star Wars Episode 7 Casts Lupita Nyong’o, Gwendoline Christie, Tom Brevoort, Giant TMZ Logo

Some odd casting news coming out of the set of Star Wars Episode 7.

RUMOR: Marvel Wants Eden Sher for ENORMOUS Role

El Presidente has all the details.

RUMOR: Marvel Wants Zac Efron

The studio allegedly desires the High School Musical actor.

Rumor: Short List for Doctor Doom Casting Includes Riley, Redmayne, Kebbell and Gleeson

This contradicts a rumor that Fox was planning to cast a female Doctor Doom.

Atchung! Thomas Kretschmann signiert auf für mehrere Filme als Baron Strucker in Avengers 2: Alter von Ultron

El Presidente unleashes a blitzkrieg of scoops on an unsuspecting Hollywood!

Fox Casts Cartoon Character as James Gordon in Gotham

The Gotham TV show has it's James Gordon, and it's a cartoon character named Ben McKenzie.