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Tim Midura

Born in the frozen tundra of Massachusetts, Tim Midura has long possessed a love for comic books and records. After stealing the beard of Zeus and inventing the pizza bagel, a much more heavily tattooed and bearded Tim Midura has finally settled in San Diego. Find him on twitter, facebook or by email.

Oct 29 2014 Weekly Highlights!

This week's mainstays!

The Russian Mystic Gets His Own Ongoing: Rasputin #1!

We die according to how we lived...

Wild West, Cardboard Forts and More! Bob’s Burgers #3!

You’re like the pied piper, with irritable bowel syndrome.

Highlights for 22 Oct 2014! Aw Yeah!

DC dominates this week!

Engineered For Maximum Toughness!: Samurai Jack #13!

The secret origin of Jack's sword revealed.

Presenting Dark Horse Presents #3!

Add a teaspoon of Norse, a cup of nature and a heaping helping of sci-fi. Mix well and enjoy!

A Double-Sized Issue! The Mice Templar IV Legend #14!

Legends have a way of creating themselves.

Who Would You Pledge?: Wytches #1

Will Scott Snyder's newest series cast a spell on its readers?