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Tim Midura

Born in the frozen tundra of Massachusetts, Tim Midura has long possessed a love for comic books and records. After stealing the beard of Zeus and inventing the pizza bagel, a much more heavily tattooed and bearded Tim Midura has finally settled in San Diego. Find him on twitter, facebook or by email.

I Am Not Scared!: Madame Frankenstein #6!

We know who you are.

New Release Highlights for 24 Sep 2014!

Five new highlights!

Samurai Jack #12: Nothing Personal!

Our hero hits rock bottom.

Bob's Burgers #2! 10 Commandment Burgers, Genemadeus and more!

"I'm a subversive artist like Bansky or Carrot Top."

New Release Highlights for 16 Sep 2014!

Five new releases for this week!

Presenting Dark Horse Presents #2!

A pinch of western, a dash of mystery and a dollop of sci-fi!

Make Sure You Know Who Your Enemies Are: B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth #123!

Pretty much Godzilla in the Hellboy U.

Wolves, and gases, and cults! Oh my! Abe Sapien #16!

This is it. This is where I got shot.

Oeming's Great Work Comes To An End: The Victories #15!

Everything is about to change.

Krall Calls a Mulligan On Gail's Public Appearance: Madame Frankenstein #5!

The same hands that put you together, can also take you apart.