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Robert Morris

Robert Morris has never met a monkey he didn't want to shake hands with.




SDCC Exclusive: Avengers Age of Ultron Footage leaks!

Is this the first footage from the Avengers sequel?

SDCC Shocker: The Return of the KING!!!

The biggest news to come out of San Diego so far this weekend: THE GREAT APE IS BACK!!!

Blogger Throwdown Twist: An Unexpected Commenter Chimes In!

A surprise voice has come out with their opinion on BurbankGate: The Ghost Of Richard Nixon!

Kurt Busiek Returns To Help Devour Earth, Just In Time For Shark Week

In 1959, a newly formed group of heroes banded together, and defended our world from a pan-dimensional invader who wanted to consume our world.

Scott Pilgrim Enters Avengers Arena, Hijinx Ensue

Scott Pilgrim's Bryan Lee O'Malley has designed a new poster for the Avengers Arena ripoff film, Battle Royale.

Ask The Ape Special: Adventures in Retail

Good evening, Children of Kong!

Monkey Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Lord Simian once again gives you his opinion on the latest films he's seen, this time HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE!

Tales of the Latter Day Apes 1: All Star Batman

The Lord of the Monkeys reviews ALL STAR BATMAN AND ROBIN THE BOY WONDER, Vol 1!

Monkey Movie Reviews: Angels & Demons

Howdy ho, folks! It's that Great Ape, the Lord of the Monkeys, with another Monkey Movie Review!  This time around: Ron Howard's ANGELS & DEMONS!  But be aware: Here there be SPOILERS!!!

Ask The Ape!

And there came a day, when the Wisdom of Kong arose from the ashes!!! In today's column, the Lord of the Monkeys discusses lame superpowers, douchebags, and freezing superheroines in leather and...