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Licensed DC Comics Shirts Congratulate Superman for Banging Wonder Woman, Prepare Young Women to Marry Batman

Yes, in case you were curious, it is still 2014 and you haven't stepped in a time warp to the fifties.

William Shatner Open to Appearing in Star Trek 3, Has Zero Imagination

The actor confirms he's been contacted to appear in the film, but can't begin to imagine how they could make it work.

Are You Interested in Harry Potter, But Don't Want to Burn in Hell?

A woman on is rewriting the story from a conservative Christian perspective.

Ridley Scott on Prometheus Sequel: F!@# a Xenomorph

Hoping the iconic alien would make an appearance in the Prometheus sequel? Well too bad!

Erik Larsen Trolled the John Byrne Says Quote Account on Twitter About the Kirby Lawsuit and It Was Excellent

It's Larsen versus (sort of) Byrne in a battle to the polite agreement that Byrne is a weirdo, thank you God for inventing social media!

Fear Not, Rogue Fans: X-Men Days of Future Past Getting Extended Anna Paquin Cut

The True Blood star's cut scenes will be restored for the extended Blu Ray release of the movie next summer.

Exclusive: Unstoppable Cullen Bunn Clone Army Slowly Taking Over Entire Comic Book Industry

The announcement of a new Army of Darkness series reveals an evil plot to replace the industry, and eventually the human race, with Cullen Bunns.

Clickbait Top 5 List: What if All Comics Were Rub n' Sniff?

The Outhouse looks at what some other comic books would smell like if they employed "scenticular" technology... and asks for your thoughts as well!

Bleeding Cool Fails to Respond to Declaration of War; Outhouse Accepts Unconditional Surrender

The Outhouse is now undefeated in international website warfare.