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Greg DAE is a Brooklyn born film-maker, writer, actor, and horror/comic fiend. He was one of the first writers of The Outhouse and one of the two original Bludnet writers. One day he’ll be an accomplished comic book writer…. Or else.




Oh, The Horror! # 53: Radical Comics' City of Dust

Let me start off by saying that although Steve Niles is dubbed as a modern master of horror, as a writer he doesn't do much for me.

City of Dust Review

Face To Greg reviews Radical Comics' City of Dust in time for 31 Days of Halloween - A Tribute to Genetic Freak!

Scott Pilgrim vs The World

I am officially obsessed with this trailer and anticipating this movie's arrival!

Oh, The Horror! #52: Carnival of Souls

I love this movie.

CyberTalk with FrankenCastle's Rick Remender!

On the return of Face To Greg, I interview writer of Marvel's FrankenCastle, Doctor Voodoo, and Radical's The Last Days of American Crime and discussing writing his set of bad-ass heroes.

Oh, The Horror! #51: The Strangers

This film being Bryan Bertino's first theatrical directorial prosper shows a ton of promise within the horror realm.

Inception Trailer

New Christopher Nolan!!!

Apologies and a Street Fighter Video

Man, I haven't been keeping this blog up to date for quite some time!

Review: The Light #1 & #2

Indie comics expert Greg reviews the latest from Outhouse favorite Nathan Edmondson!