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Greg DAE is a Brooklyn born film-maker, writer, actor, and horror/comic fiend. He was one of the first writers of The Outhouse and one of the two original Bludnet writers. One day he’ll be an accomplished comic book writer…. Or else.




Nightmare on Elm Street Trailer 2

Well, the second preview for the Nightmare on Elm Street remake was released.

Black History Month Day 14: Unknown Soldier

Vertigo Comic's Moses Lwanga, The Unknown Soldier

Black History Month Day 13: Lobo

No, not everyone's favorite alien psychopath Lobo from DC Comics. This is Lobo from Dell Comics.

Black History Month Day 12: Tarlton the Astronaut

Now aboarding the list... Tarlton of EC Comics

Black History Month Day 11: Slingshot and Myriad

Dynamo 5's Slingshot/Menagerie and Myriad/Wraith

Black History Month Day 10: Cyborg

The Teen Titan's Cyborg! Booyah!

Black History Month Day 9: Luke Cage

Sweet Christmas! It’s Luke Cage’s turn now!

Sweet Rebecca (Poem for Valentine's Days)

Sweet Rebecca was a pretty little thingWho believed in love but kept getting flings.Her lips were red as the color of bloodAnd her heart longed for a man to love.Sweet Rebecca met Mark with eyes blue...

Oh, The Horror! #46: The Wolfman

The Wolfman is a film directed by Joe Johnston, a remake of the original 1941 Wolfman movie that starred horror scream king Lon Chaney, Jr.

Black History Month Day 8: Vixen

Black History Month returns with a look at Vixen!