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DC Comics Previews For October 22

Justice League Dark #35, The Multiversity: The Just #1 .. add'l previews to be added shortly

Rumor: Jena Malone is Robin in Superman v Batman

In a fairly reputable rumor, Malone will reportedly play Carrie Kelly.

NYCC: Women of DC Entertainment Panel

DC's top women creators discuss working in comics. Previews of covers and interior art from upcoming titles

DC Comics Previews For October 15

Red Hood And The Outlaws #35, Teen Titans #3, Justice League #35, Batwoman #35, Earth 2: World's End #2, Batman/Superman #15, The New52: Futures End #24, Green Lantern: New Guardians #35, Batman And...

'Lego Batman' Movie is Coming 2017!!!

Yes this will be a real movie! Groundbreaking. MORE DARKNESS!! STILL NO PARENTS!!! WILL STILL REMAIN THE OPPOSITE OF LIGHT!!!!

Industry Shocker: Scott Snyder, Hero to Us All, Wins Battle to Keep Batman Priced at $3.99

We need a hero! We're holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night! He's gotta be strong and he's gotta be fast and he's gotta be fresh from the fight!

DC Comics Previews For October 8 (UPDATED)

Earth 2: Worlds End #1, Batgirl #35, Klarion #1, The New52: Futures End #23, Worlds' Finest #27, Batman Eternal #27, Earth 2 #27

Batman: The Animated Series Volume 3 Soundtrack Coming from La La Land Records

A third volume featuring the scores of Shirley Walker & others from the classic Batman cartoon is coming from La La Land Records.

Not Sure How Much Longer I Can Justify This Hobby To My Wife: Batman Jumps To $5 An Issue

To be clear, this is not for an anniversary issue, this is the new regular price.

Gotham Ratings Drop 13%, Outhouse Provides Thought-Provoking Analysis

Fundamentally, this is no different than any other site's ratings reports.

DC Comics Previews For October 1

Grayson #3, Green Lantern #35, Wonder Woman #34, Gotham Academy #1, Justice League #34, New 52: Futures End #22, Justice League 3000 #10, Batman/Superman #14

DC Comics Previews For Sept 24 - Group 2

Red Lanterns: Futures End #1, Justice League Dark: Futures End #1, Harley Quinn: Futures End #1, Booster Gold: Futures End #1, Batman Eternal #25

Gotham Debuts to 8 Million Viewers, 3.2 Rating

It was a strong series opener for Fox and DC's Batman without Batman show.

Review: Gotham "Pilot"

A review of the pilot episode of the new Fox series.

DC Comics Previews For September 24

Aquaman And The Others: Futures End #1, Catwoman: Futures End #1, The Flash: Futures End #1, Star-Spangled War Stories Featuring G.I. Zombie: Futures End #1, New52: Futures End #21, Sinestro: Futures...

WB & Machinima Present Justice League: Gods And Monsters Chronicles

An animated miniseries, not the movie. Or the comic.

DC Comics Previews For September 17

Teen Titans: Futures End #1, Wonder Woman: Futures End #1, Superman/Wonder Woman: Futures End #1, Batman And Robin: Futures End #1, The Multiversity: The Society Of Super-Heroes: Conquerors Of The...

DC Comics Previews For September 10 (UPDATED)

Batgirl: Futures End #1, New Suicide Squad: Futures End #1, Batman: Futures End #1, Justice League United: Futures End #1, Worlds' Finest: Futures End #1, Superman Unchained #8, The New52: Futures...

DC Editing Team Narrowly Dodges Hazardous Cassandra Cain Appearance in Batwing: Future's End #1

If only they could be as thorough in explaining past New 52 continuity as they are in in efficiently quarantining toxic characters.