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13 Slays of Halloween: Proxy (2013).

Unfortunately, there was no proxy to send in and Zechs had to see this one by himself.

'Hellsing Ultimate' Won't Be Getting Full Run on Toonami

It was revealed today that US TV viewers will sadly miss out on the ending to the horror/action anime.

'Inuyasha: The Final Act' to Air on Toonami

The final season of the anime will FINALLY air on the animated action block starting November 15th.

Crazy Man Starts Petition to Force Netflix to Produce More Seasons of "Young Justice" & "Green Lantern the Animated Series"

A California Man has filed a petition to try and force more episodes of Young Justice & Green Lantern the Animated Series onto Netflix’s production division. I am not joking.

Amazing Spider-Man #8 Proves Bathing in Fan's Tears Can Prolong Life, Restore Youth

A new scientific study by doctor/Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott has shown that if you put just enough fan's tears in a tub and bathe in them they can prolong one's life.

Marvel Shocks World, Releases Teaser for New Event: Inhumans - Attilan Rising

The story will be based around Black Bolt's struggle with erectile dysfunction.

Archie Comics Announces New "Riverdale" TV Series at Fox, Unleashes Cursed Alex Ross Painting to Celebrate

The show will focus on the Archie/Betty/Veronica love triangle, and the painting will bring about 1000 years of chaos and evil.

Arrow Annotations - S03E03 "Corto Maltese"

A look back at the comic references and Easter eggs from last night's episode.

NOMINATIONS: For Moment of the Week 10/22/14 *Spoilers*

Which moment from a comic this week caught your interest?