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Marvel Will Also Announce New Storm Solo Series

PreviewsWorld is very good at spoiling Marvel's C2E2 announcements.

Marvel Stealth Announces New Star-Lord Solo Series

It's Legend....wait for it....ARY!

Aspen Tour Continues At Calgary Comic Entertainment Expo

Lola XOXO Aspen Comics’ 2014 con tour season continues at this weekend’s Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo from April 24-27th. The publisher’s booth #904 will feature creators Siya Oum...

DC Comics Full Solicitations for July 2014 (and September Gimmick Books)

It's the "who cares about creative teams, we've got Wonder Girl's bewbs" edition of the DC solicits!

DC Announces Plans to Put BATMAN on Almost Every Cover in July 2014... And We Love It!

Newsarama stole our shtick, so we're stealing theirs right back.

Well, When You Put It That Way: This Week’s Hugo Controversy

Can we all agree, fake or not, that "Vox Day" is a stupid name?

DC Solicits September's "Future End" Comics, Doesn't Name a Single Creative Team

Want to know who's writing DC's September comics? TOO BAD.

Is Heroclix Releasing a Lapdance Harley Quinn?

Anyone who's heard of Betteridge's Law of Headlines knows the answer.

George R. R. Martin Responds to Today's Game of Thrones Rape Controversy

Spoilers if you haven't seen last night's episode yet.